Austin St. John

Coming to The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017!
April 7th-9th, 2017 at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

Austin St. John (born Jason Geiger) is an American actor born on September 17, 1975. St. John portrayed Jason Lee Scott in all of his incarnations, starting with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and ending with Power Rangers: Wild Force.

St. John has been practicing martial arts since he was five and now holds a second-degree black belt in Tae-Kwon Do, a first-degree black belt in Judo, and he also practices Shenkito and Kenpo. He has spent a lot of time moving from town to town with his dad, a Marine, and has also dreamed of playing professional baseball for the Boston Red Sox. His best school subject is political science and his worst is math. His dream vehicle is a Harley Davidson Softtail. Austin's favorite food is sushi, and his favorite style of music is rock-and-roll with an ever-growing interest in hip-hop. His favorite super hero is Superman. Besides baseball, his favorite sports are football, soccer, and hiking. Currently, his favorite colors are black for cars and black and white for clothes. He also worked on "Austin St. John's Martial Arts Video."

He starred as Jason the Red Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for 79 episodes from 1993-94, ending with the episode "Opposites Attract" (though Jason continued to be featured via body doubles, voice doubles, and stock footage before being written off in "The Power Transfer"). He reprised his role of Jason in Power Rangers: Zeo for 17 episodes in 1996 when Jason temporarily took over the Gold Ranger powers. After his departure from Zeo, St. John soon after returned as Jason yet again in the 1997 film Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, along with former castmate Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly Ann Hart). After the film, St. John appeared as the co-host of the 1999 Power Rangers special "The Lost Episode," along with former castmate Walter Jones (Zack Taylor). St. John did not appear in the Power Rangers again until 2002, when he reprised his role of Jason for the last time in Power Rangers: Wild Force, in the episode "Forever Red." He costarred with nine other former Red Ranger actors, including former castmate Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver).

St. John was present at the first Power Morphicon in 2007, where he met many fans and was interviewed along with several former castmates, including Walter Jones, Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam Park), Steve Cardenas (Rocky DeSantos), and Jason Narvy (Skull).

He was once considered to become the Black Dino Ranger for Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, but due to Tommy Oliver's popularity - and because St. John had previously played a Black Ranger - Jason David Frank was chosen instead.

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