OutLAW2LK Cosplay

Coming to The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017!
April 7th-9th, 2017 at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

outLAW2LK is an the Alias of Law Asuncion.

Law Asuncion - Law is an Associate Director in IT professionally and a father of 2 boys. Arts, outdoors, adventure, and cosplay are hobbies that he tries to make time for regularly. Law started making his own costumes back in middle school because he was never satisfied with the store bought costumes available at the time. Anyone that can remember the vacuu-formed masks and the plastic/vinyl smocks can attest to how awful they were. He started off by piecing existing costume and toy pieces to make his cosplays which later evolved into using cardboard as a base. Fast forward to 2006 at the first NYCC where he attended in his homemade Cyclops cosplay based off various references. In 2010, his hobby for Airsoft allowed him for more realistic military cosplays as seen in games like Ghost Recon and Call of Duty. In 2013 he dragged his cousin into the cosplay world by making his first costume from scratch. Making both his and his cousin's costumes to win the Best Group Cosplay in Marvel's booth that year. His cosplays and his group started growing from there on. Currently he creates and crafts all of his group's cosplays himself and hoping to collaborate with other cosplayers that can create their own collaborated costumes.

Phil Asuncion - Hunk - cousin and co-financer of all the costumes Law makes.

Juan Navedo - Keith - close friend, Juan has been attending NYCC with Law since 2006. More known for his Wolverine cosplay, he has recently started to help in making pieces for the group's cosplays.

Mike Schulein - Shiro - close friend, Mike never knew how much he liked the world of cosplay and was introduced to it in 2015. Since then he has been hooked and loves the participation and showcase of it all.

Janna Pierre & Vasquez Pierre - Allura & Coran - Janna met Law and the group in 2016 at NYCC and was instantly welcomed. She is a cosplayer from NYC and began attending conventions in 2010. Her interests in anime and video games drew her into the world of cosplay. She travels with her father, Vasquez Pierre who also cosplays at these events. Janna is a college student and Vasquez is an Associate Engineer.

Mark Asuncion - Photographer - cousin and official photographer for the group. Mark is an accomplished Art director and photographer.

Brian Asuncion - Pidge

Cristian Perez - Lance

OutLaw2LK has been recognized by MARVEL and other major costume designers as a strong force in the cosplay community.

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